Who is Kirk Monteux mysoftmusic?

Well it’s just me.

My name is Kirk Monteux I’m a independent composer and producer. All the music you listen to at mysoftmusic is created by my self only.

So no record label or big publishing company is involved that means any payment of yours goes directly and fully to the artist, which is me :)

The fact you picked my music out of all the vast amount of music you can find all over the internet, makes me truly happy.

Again thank you so much for listen to my music.

What is mysoftmusic?

mysoftmusic is based on engaging trance-like patterns. Repetition draws you into another dimension, allowing your mind to wander freely and leave daily concerns behind.

Slowly evolving soundscapes provide the perfect atmosphere for relaxation, meditation, bodywork and so forth.



provides high quality music MP3s for your mind, body and soul.


You'll find music for

  • Relaxation
  • Meditation
  • Healing
  • Spa & wellness
  • Yoga
  • Studying
  • Falling asleep

What is 3D-RELAX?

3D-RELAX enables a natural listening experience with your regular headphones, no extra equipment such as a decoder is needed to enjoy this amazing world of sound. By using the „Headphone Surround 3D“ technology the sound will stay outside the head bringing back a natural listening experience.

Close your eyes and enjoy this fantastic new way of music relaxation with your headphones.

audiojungle licensing


If you are planning a media project such as CD, DVD or YouTube video and want to use a mysoftmusic track, now you can purchase a commercial sync license via AudioJungle.net

Starting from $19 for a standard single license you'll find those tracks by using the "Licensing" button in the track lists here on mysoftmusic.