3D-RELAX the new binaural music relaxation method with your headphones

Headphone Surround 3D-RELAX

3D-RELAX is the new binaural music relaxation method with your headphones, based on the music production technology „Headphone Surround 3D“ invented by New Audio Technology in Hamburg Germany.

3D-RELAX enables a natural listening experience with your regular headphones, no extra equipment such as a decoder is needed to enjoy this amazing world of sound.

Using headphones is a good way to enjoy music in its most pleasant way.

However, the sound injection directly into our ears with headphones lets us feel like the sound is taking place in the middle of our head. 

How it works

The very complex human hearing system is compensating for the lack of a natural environment, where the sound sources are coming from different directions.

Despite most listeners enjoying music with headphones, the brain is working continuously to deal with that non-natural situation.

With 3D-RELAX now you can enjoy mysoftmusic meditation and relaxing music without those distracting side effects.

By using the „Headphone Surround 3D“ technology the sound will stay outside the head bringing back a natural listening experience.

3D music

In the new category 3D-RELAX at mysoftmusic you’ll find specially recorded deep relaxing soundtracks for the highest possible state of inner peace and calm.

Close your eyes and enjoy this fantastic new way of music relaxation with your headphones.

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3D-RELAX the new binaural music relaxation method with your headphones
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