Commercial Sync Licenses AudioJungle


If you are planning a media project such as CD, DVD or YouTube video and want to use a mysoftmusic track, now you can purchase a commercial sync license via

Starting from $19 for a standard single license you'll find those tracks by using the "Commercial License" button in the track lists here on mysoftmusic.

I proudly pronounce that I partnered up with audiojungle.

Due to the request of mysoftmusic customers I released a special selection of the most wanted mysoftmusic tracks to be purchased with a commercial sync license via

Starting with $19 each track you’ll find the right license for your next media project, such as CD, DVD, Broadcast or a YouTube video you want to monetize.

More information about the different license terms here: commercial licenses overview

Here on mysoftmusic you’ll notice a blue button „Commercial License“ on the given tracks and will take you to the track page on AudioJungle

La Gomera Fortaleza
White Noise vs Pink Noise
Apple Losers most annoying company
3D-RELAX the new binaural music relaxation method with your headphones
Daily Meditation
Piano Improvisation
iPad Music Making
Commercial Sync Licenses audiojungle
Electronic Music
Music With Vegetables
Music And The Brain
3D Audio Binaural Healing Dream Songs
Pierre Monteux The Rite of Spring
Relaxing Music Making
The Power Of Power Napping
Music is Powerful