Music For Daily Meditation

Music For Daily Meditation

Since about three years, I have been composing and producing highly specialized music for meditation relaxation, yoga and healing.

The basic approach to achieve a deep state of inner peace is by listening to music that has no prominent melody or any surprising change of moods.

Carefully recorded and mixed with the guarantee of the highest sound quality.

No harsh or over excited sounds will compromise your listening experience with mysoftmusic.

The warm and analog sounding tracks on mysoftmusic ensures the most soothing and calming listening.

I proudly announce the „Daily Meditation“ series.

The Daily Meditation series contains seven soundtracks, one for each day of the week.

This new collection of daily meditation music takes you into the perfect atmosphere for relaxation, healing, bodywork etc.

Every soundtrack is exactly 1 hour long. It starts with a medium dense soundscape with slow pulsating and repeating patterns. 

It then slows down continuously until almost silence with just a very deep calming ambient sound, like the ocean waves or the sound of rain in the forest. 

After a time of around 30 to 40 minutes the „Daily Meditation“ soundtrack slowly evolves back to a medium dense soundscape, so you won’t come back to the day too quickly. 

These wonderful collections of meditation music are available at all major music stores like iTunes, google play, amazon and on

Also on mysoftmusic you’ll find a 40 minute and 20 minute version with the same evolving progress as the original 1 hour version.

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