White Noise vs Pink Noise

Being very sensitive to noise coming from the street and neighbors I use a lot of masking background sounds like wind, little creek, rain and one of the most popular solutions namely white noise.

White noise has a completely random energy across the whole frequency spectrum spread out portions of sound waves.

Here comes the effect of masking in place, those random frequencies even at a low level can just overlay the annoying noises that keeps you distracted and because of its continuity your brain gets use to it and won’t alert you any more by all these subtle noise events coming from outside.

In this state of adaption your hearing and attention is soothed by the lulling cloud of background sounds.

The downside of the white noise linearity is that our hearing is more sensitive to higher frequencies which can be very unpleasant in a long term.

Fortunately there is a filtered version „pink noise“ where the high frequencies has less power than white noise, I find this version the perfect solution.

Try it out for your self, you’ll be surprised how effective this simple solution can be.

For best results pleas make sure your sound system is capable of reproducing the widest range of frequencies possible. In other words laptop speakers for instance won’t work at all.

Download Pink Noise

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