Why I refuse my music to be streamed by Apple Music, Spotify and such.

A lot of discussion has been around since the big streaming services like Spotify hit the market.

You also might have noticed that a number of big artists like Taylor Swift have removed their content from streaming services because of the tiny fragment of the revenue share they get paid.

Here is an example of how it looks. A streaming service pays out an average of .006 to .008 cents of royalties per stream. In other words you people have to listen 10.000 times to a single given track in order to pay for my dinner tonight.

As an independent music author I also decided not to give away my music on streaming services for almost nothing.

What does this mean for mysoftmusic?

Nothing bad actually, quite the opposite in my opinion.

Despite that a lot of people love to have any content they own and share, handy on any device right out of the data cloud, still you have to have a stable internet connection.

For most mysoftmusic customers it is crucial having the music play on without any interruption or glitches from their devices while having a massage, healing treatment or other sessions.

So I believe my offer on mysoftmusic is a fair mix of both.

You only pay a one-time fee for a time limited download of all tracks that are currently available and off you go.

No recurring payments, you got the music on your devices to play anywhere at any time for good.

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