Baby Lullaby

Baby Lullaby

Sweet lullabies, the perfect solution to lull your baby or toddler to sleep.

These lullabies will calm and sooth your little one and allowing you the rest and peace you need after a hard days work. The mysoftmusic "Baby Lullaby" album contains wonderful, loving little melodies. Played on glockenspiel, flute and harp, the instruments of heaven will accompany your baby into a calm and restful sleep. The instruments are chosen and played with care and will give your baby comfort, love and security. The mysoftmusic lullabies subtly slow down and fade away at the end.

The soothing melodies send your beloved little one on a restful journey into a heavenly sleep. And of course, you can use it for yourself

Title Mood Time BPM

Sleeping 01

8:49 56 Download

Baby Lullaby 04

5:55 56 Download

Baby Lullaby 01

6:24 79 Download

Baby Lullaby 05

5:00 62 Download

Baby Lullaby 02

7:31 60 Download

Baby Lullaby 03

7:03 68 Download
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