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Making of relaxing music

Making of relaxing music

A lot of people wondering how the process of composing and producing a sound track in a sound studio is done.

In this video I'd like to show you how I do create a typical mysoftmusic song.

Piano Improvisation

Piano Improvisation

When I create a new piece of music, it starts with an improvisation.

Mostly I do this with the piano, keyboard or my classical guitar.

Many people are quite interested in how actually the process of music creation is done.

Well, sometimes I don't know by myself, it just happens.

I'd like to share this little video which took place on the piano and I did a little improvisation.

What do you think, should I produce a album with that music style?

Making music with an iPad?

Making music with an iPad?

Watch the video

A whole new world has bee open for us musicians since the iPad has arrived on the planet.

There are so many amazing music making tools and sound generator on the market.

I wouldn't say I could make a complete piece of music only with an iPad, but using it as a companion while playing the guitar for instead can be quite inspiring.

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