Daily Meditation

Daily Meditation

The Daily Meditation series contains seven soundtracks, one for each day of the week.

Every soundtrack is exactly 1 hour long. It starts with a medium dense with slow pulsating and repeating patterns. It then slows down continuously until almost silence with just a very deep calming ambient sound, like the ocean waves or the sound of rain in the forest.

After a time of around 30 to 40 minutes the „Daily Meditation“ soundtrack slowly evolves back to a medium dense, so you won’t come back to the day too quickly.

Title Mood Time BPM

Daily Meditation Monday

60:00 60 Download

Daily Meditation Tuesday

60:00 55 Download

Daily Meditation Wednesday

60:00 60 Download

Daily Meditation Thursday

60:00 50 Download

Daily Meditation Friday

60:00 70 Download

Daily Meditation Saturday

60:00 50 Download

Daily Meditation Sunday

60:00 45 Download
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