License Agreement

Limitations of Use

  • You may not repackage or resell the music of mysoftmusic.
  • You may not trade in the music, i.e., sell it as a music track, include it on a music or meditation CD/DVD or downloadable file for sale, offer it for sale or re-license it, or otherwise trade the music as a music product.
  • You may not create derived works, remixes or re-productions or add vocals or speech.
  • You may not make samples of any format to use with your own or other's music.
  • You may not use mysoftmusic for broadcasting on TV, radio, websites, vimeo or for distribution within film, photo productions, games, mobile app and software products.
  • You may not upload mysoftmusic to any file sharing or other online system that shares or streams audio files or other media content


Commercial Licenses

  • If you are planning a media project such as CD, DVD or YouTube video and want to use a mysoftmusic track, now you can purchase a commercial license via
  • Starting from $19 for a standard single license you'll find those tracks by using the "Licensing" button in the track lists here on mysoftmusic.
  • Learn more about commercial licenses with AudioJungle