License Agreement 

  • Downloads at mysoftmusic include a performing license that allows you to use mysoftmusic in a specified way.
  • The non-exclusive license is granted to a single person or a single business address.
  • You may use mysoftmusic during meditation, massage and other therapies or during exercise and dance sessions at yoga schools, gyms and so forth.
  • You may also play the music for ambience and background at home or any public place of business such as your practice, office, shop, store, school, restaurant, hotel, lobby or spa lounge.
  • You are permitted to copy or burn your mysoftmusic mp3 files for back-up purposes or in order to enjoy them on multiple devices.
  • All of our contracted musicians work directly for us and own the rights to their own music.
  • mysoftmusic does not work with other labels or publishing companies.


Limitations of Use

  • You may not repackage or resell the music of mysoftmusic.
  • You may not trade in the music, i.e., sell it as a music track, include it on a music or meditation CD/DVD or downloadable file for sale, offer it for sale or re-license it, or otherwise trade the music as a music product.
  • You may not create derived works, remixes or re-productions or add vocals or speech.
  • You may not make samples of any format to use with your own or other's music.
  • You may not use mysoftmusic for broadcasting on TV, radio, websites, vimeo or for distribution within film, photo productions, games, mobile app and software products.
  • You may not upload mysoftmusic to any file sharing or other online system that shares or streams audio files or other media content


Commercial Licenses

  • If you are planning a media project such as CD, DVD or YouTube video and want to use a mysoftmusic track, now you can purchase a commercial license via
  • Starting from $19 for a standard single license you'll find those tracks by using the "Licensing" button in the track lists here on mysoftmusic.
  • Learn more about commercial licenses with AudioJungle