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How do I download mysoftmusic?

Download mysoftmusic with three easy steps:

1) Browse our easy-to-navigate online music library.
Find music by moods, categories, BPM, length, etc.
Buy an unlimited download time. 1 month, 3 months or 1 year.

2) Pay with one easy step using PayPal or your credit card. As you check out, we automatically create a free account.

3)  After check out, you’ll immediately receive a confirmation email. Login to your account with one click, set your personal password and start downloading all the music you like.

In case you haven't received the first login e-mail by 1 hour please check your spam folder.

Do you sell commercial sync licenses for my media project?

Yes, if you are planning a media project such as CD, DVD or YouTube video and want to use a mysoftmusic track, now you can purchase a commercial sync license via

Starting from $19 for a standard single license you'll find those tracks by using the "Licensing" button in the track lists here on mysoftmusic

How can I directly download mp3 music onto my iPhone, iPod or iPad?

For a direct mp3 download to your IOS device, use one of the many free download helper apps available at the App Store.

I recommend "iSaveit". This app lets you download your mysoftmusic directly to your IOS device.

Please check this app at the App Store.

Why choose mysoftmusic?

The music tracks on mysoftmusic are exclusive.

They are available only through mysoftmusic, a small independent business that specializes in producing high quality music that´s most suitable for your moods. It is music for all the senses.

Not available on Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, or any other streaming service.

What is 3D-RELAX?

3D-RELAX is the new music relaxation method with your headphones, based on the  recording technology „Headphone Surround 3D“ invented by New Audio Technology in Hamburg Germany.

3D-RELAX enables a natural listening experience with your regular headphones, no extra equipment such as a decoder is needed to enjoy this amazing world of sound.

The sound injection directly into our ears with headphones lets us feel like the sound is taking place in the middle of our head. 

The very complex human hearing system is compensating for the lack of a natural environment, where the sound sources are coming from different directions.

Despite most listeners enjoying music with headphones, the brain is working continuously to deal with that non-natural situation.

With 3D-RELAX now you can enjoy mysoftmusic meditation and relaxing music without those distracting side effects.

By using the „Headphone Surround 3D“ technology the sound will stay outside the head bringing back a natural listening experience.

What is mysoftmusic and who should use it?

mysoftmusic is for anyone who wants to listen to good music for calming and relieving stress.

The music provides relaxing downtime for daydreaming, a nap, or a good night’s sleep.

Also, we have great offers for all healing and body workers.

We provide an easy way for you to find the right music to fit your profession.

Consider mysoftmusic as your partner in providing the perfect music for  spas, yoga schools, and other healing centers.

We’d love to support your most important work.

May I play mysoftmusic at my place of business?

You may play the music in your home, office lobby, spa, shop, yoga school, gym, lounge and so forth.

You are allowed to make a copy or burn a CD in order to play the music on any devices.

If you are planning a media project such as CD, DVD or YouTube video and want to use a mysoftmusic track, you can purchase a commercial sync license via

Starting from $19 for a standard single license you'll find those tracks by using the "Commercial License" button in the track lists here on mysoftmusic

For more information about music and copyright terms please refer to our License Agreement page.

Does mysoftmusic use copy protection?

No, mysoftmusic doesn't use any copy protection DRM (Digital Rights Management).

We've made it convenient for you to make your personal backup copies.

We believe in the honesty of our customers who love our music.

And when you recommend mysoftmusic to your friends rather than copying the music and giving it to them, you help us to make mysoftmusic just better.

What are suggested bundles?

Our suggested bundles make it even easier for you to find the right music.

Suggested bundles are hand-picked collections for special purposes like meditation, relaxing chill-out etc.

Choose an entire bundle or just the tracks you like best. Have it your way!

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