About Kirk Monteux

Kirk Monteux, better known as Mysoftmusic, is a renowned music composer and producer known for his soothing and relaxing compositions that touch the hearts of listeners around the world.

Born in the United States and raised in Germany, Kirk has been passionate about music since his childhood. He started playing the piano at a young age and was soon composing his own music. After graduating from college with a degree in music composition, Kirk began his career in the music industry, working as a composer for various television shows, films, and advertisements.

In 2008, Kirk established Mysoftmusic, a music production company that focuses on creating peaceful and calming music to help people relax and unwind. Over the years, Mysoftmusic has gained a loyal following, with millions of listeners tuning in to his music every day.

Kirk's music is characterized by its simplicity, grace, and elegance. His compositions are designed to evoke different emotions in the listener, whether it's peace, tranquility, or happiness. His music features a blend of acoustic instruments, such as the piano, violin, and guitar, along with electronic sounds and ambient textures.

Kirk's music has been featured in several popular relaxation and meditation apps, including Calm and Headspace. His music has also been used in various wellness programs, spa treatments, and yoga classes worldwide.

Apart from his music career, Kirk is an avid traveler who loves to explore new cultures and experiences. He draws inspiration for his music from his travels, as well as from nature, art, and literature.

Kirk's passion for music and his commitment to creating beautiful compositions have earned him many accolades and awards. His music continues to inspire listeners around the world and is an essential part of the wellness and relaxation industry.

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