Pink & Deep Red Noise

Pink & Deep Red Noise

If you are sensitive to any kind of disturbing sounds or low frequency noises such passing traffic or neighbors foot steps, the pink and deep red noise can help you just fine.

The deep red noise has its most energy on the very low range and is a perfect background noise to mask the unwanted noises in that low frequency range.

To have the best result and experience you wan't to play the deep red noise on a sound system that can actually reproduce those low frequencies. If you have a subwoofer based sound system you're good to go.

Title Mood Time BPM

Deep Red Noise 60 Minutes

60:00 30 Download

Pink Noise 60 Minutes

60:00 30 Download

Deep Red Noise 40 Minutes

40:00 30 Download

Pink Noise 40 Minutes

40:00 30 Download

Deep Red Noise 20 Minutes

20:00 30 Download

Pink Noise 20 Minutes

20:00 30 Download
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