How to deal with corona anxiety and depression

In quarantine

Staying at home, watching all those troubling news about the corona virus on tv or social media, being continuously concerned about how badly its going to be for me and my loved ones.

No one can keep on going like this without suffering more or less of anxiety and depression.

Building strategies

Since your daily routine is completely interrupted, it might be a good idea to build a strategy and bring back some structure into your day life.

First of all stop staring on your facebook or twitter stream just put it down for 5 hours give your mind a chance to find other things interesting.

You might remember things you had way back in your mind you wanted to do or try out.

Maybe you wanted to start an online course, or there is that book on the shelf waiting for you. Think about it I'm sure you'll dig something out.

Physical activity

One very important fact is that body and mind has to be in a balance.

So physical activity is a very important subject not only in these extraordinary times.

When ever your local authorities allows you to leave the house for a walk,  please go and take a hike (not in a bunch)

Being in the nature or even better in the woods has widely proven to be a perfect boost for your moods.

If you can’t or just don’t want to leave your home you might try simple yoga / pilates exercises.

Here some online recourses I find helpful for simple exercises at home without any equipment.

  • Total Body Pilates! 20 Minute Beginners Home Workout - YouTube
  • 15 Minute Beginner Flexibility Routine! (FOLLOW ALONG) - YouTube

  • 10 minute Simple Yoga Flow for All Levels | Sarah Beth Yoga - YouTube

  • 4 Best core exercises for beginners - YouTube

Relaxing music

Free Download Relaxing Meditation Music

Finally I highly recommend to spend at least an hour of undistracted listening to soothing, relaxing music with a set of headphones.

Try to find headphones that suites you comfortable, find a place with low lights around lay down close your eyes and drift away.

Don’t push the volume too hard find that sweet spot were the music is just loud enough to mask any other noises coming from other rooms or outside.

Typically your mind starts to fool around in this situation. A lot of fragments popping up and you might feel a little overwhelmed by that mind chaos.

Don’t worry give it a time to calm down try to stay focused on the sound you listen too.

Here you’ll find a collection of relaxing, meditation music for you free to download.

Free Download Relaxing Meditation Music

I wish you all the best, stay cool stay calm!

Best Kirk Monteux

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